Our high quality blinds offer the perfect combination of privacy, style and functionality.

Designed to fit your specific needs, our blinds allow you to have total control over the light and visibility in your home or office. From Venetian blinds to roller blinds, we offer a wide range of options so you can find the perfect solution to suit your style and requirements.

Motorized Blinds And Intelligent System

Blinds that are controlled remotely thanks to the technology of a radio frequency control or an intelligent system that allows you to interact with each of the blinds in your home or office. They can be motorized with any model of curtain or blind. There are light current motors, batteries and intelligent system controlled from a smartphone.

Blackout Blinds

Fabric or polyester-pvc curtain that prevents the maximum passage of light generating a private and dark space, in addition to UV protection which is the main cause against discoloration of furniture. Variety in textures, models and colors. Recommended for: bedroom, playroom, study.

Translucent Blinds

The translucent curtain allows us to maintain a perfect lighting and privacy in your space, the fabric has a fabric that does not allow visibility into the interior. Variety in textures, patterns and colors, recommended for areas of: study, dining room, living room and bedroom.

Uv Filter Screen Blinds

Curtain with ultraviolet filter made of polyester-pvc material with micro-perforated points that allows the view to the outside during the day, reduces the glare caused by the sun, easy to clean and protects furniture against discoloration. Variety in textures and colors, recommended for kitchen, garden, living room, study and playroom areas.

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