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Suspended Elegance for your Outdoor Space

Discover an innovative solution for sun protection with our Shade Sails services at Asu Awning. Shade sails, gracefully suspended in your outdoor space, offer a unique blend of functionality and elegance, providing effective shade and a distinctive touch to your surroundings.

Modern and Versatile Design

Shade Sails add a contemporary touch to your outdoor area with their modern and versatile design. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to perfectly suit your needs and aesthetic preferences.

Effective Sun Protection

Designed to provide effective shade, our shade sails block direct sun rays, creating a cool and comfortable space. The breathability of the material allows for adequate air circulation, maintaining a cool environment even on hot days.

Durability and Strength

Made from weather-resistant materials, our Shade Sails are durable and able to withstand changing weather conditions. From UV resistance to water repellency, these sails are designed to last over time.

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Comshade Xtra® Shade Sail

Comshade Xtra is an extra-strong woven shade sail fabric. Engineered out of a breathable HDPE mesh, it is specially created for shade sail requirements. Tough under the sun, the shade sail material offers as much as 99.7% UV protection.

With a high strength-to-weight ratio and break strength, Comshade Xtra outmatches other brands. The knitted shade fabric is lead and phthalate free for environmental welfare.

Comshade Xtra is durable and flexible to withstand the tension of shade sail designs. Use for medium-sized shade sails and large-sized tensile sun shade structures. Offered in a variety of modern colors, the shade sail fabric is available here in Silver.

Warranty: 15-Year Limited. Width: 157 inches. Weight: 12 ounces per square yard.

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